Parent Teachers Association

The P T A ensures complete support of the parents for the smooth functioning of our school. The P T A's support has enabled our school to continue with its quality education and progress.

The Jumbo committee and the P T A core committee are the two strong wings of the P T A.

The Jumbo committee comprises of 33 elected parents representing each division, whereas the core committee includes 14 parent representatives from each class. The committee meets regularly to discuss the grievances of the parents and to introduce new ideas for the welfare of the school.

Mr Latheesh Kumar was selected as the P T A President and Mr Abbas as the Vice President unanimously for this academic year 2021-‘22.

Executive Core Committee 2021-'22.

  1. Mrs Revathy.S
  2. Mrs Aswathi Santhosh.
  3. Mrs Shajina.S
  4. Mr Sreejith.S
  5. Mr Aneesh Kumar.S.S
  6. Mr Syam Kumar.V
  7. Mrs Resmi Sivaprasad
  8. Mrs Rumaisa Sajad
  9. Mr M Abbas (P T A Vice President)
  10. Mrs Shyni Ajith
  11. Mr Sibudas.S
  12. Mrs Shanima.M
  13. Mr Latheesh Kumar ( P T A President)
  14. Mrs S Sunith Kumary