Bishop Pereira Memorial School affiliated to CBSE, has a long history of holistic education under the guidance of Mrs. Teresa Desmond who started the school in the year 1978 and named it in memory of late Bishop Pereira to cherish the social work he had done for the society.

The school is located and ensconced on an extensive campus adjacent to Techno city, the new IT hub of Thiruvananthapuram. Bishop Pereira Memorial School has been and continues to be the epitome of educational excellence since its inception in 1978. The primary aim and objective of this institution is to render our students an allround education and make them morally upright, physically fit and intellectually alert so as to be future assets to our country. We mould our students to achieve international standards in their life by providing allround development.

Being one of the elite institutions we take pride in introducing Robotics which is gaining momentum in many schools worldwide, as we feel that educators must embrace the latest technologies for effective teaching. We endeavour to change according to the need of time. To add to our credits we are one of the few CBSE Schools to provide smart board facility for all classrooms from LKG to standard XII. The opportunity given to the students during the daily class assembly serves as a platform for showcasing and honing public speaking skills. There are a number of clubs functioning in this school to further boost personal and inter personal skills as well as social consciousness.


Mrs. Teresa Desmond


Capt. Dilip Desmond


Mrs. Shiney Dilip


Ms. Anjali Sashikumar


School Moto

  Success through Labour

Bishop Pereira Memorial School is widely acknowledged for its warmth, high educational standards, discipline and mindful learning environment. We go above and beyond all extremes to bring the best out in the children and focus on a system where learning goes far beyond books and lectures of the ancient days. The school follows the motto “Success through Labour”. Following the motto we focus on academic excellence and have a record of outstanding results. We are always inspired by the thought that “Education is simply the soul of society as it passes from one generation to another.”


BPM aims to mould students from young learners to next generation global leaders. This is achieved through inculcating great values to bring about a positive and peaceful change in the society. Emphasis is given to retain their responsibility towards society and nature. The teacher student ratio of BPM School is 1 : 22, which is well below the CBSE recommendation of 1 : 30, to ensure ample personal attention to every single child.

  • Science

  • Resmi K.S (Biology) Vice Principal
  • Rajalekshmi (Chemistry)
  • Sandhya J (Physics)
  • Anitha Kumari (Physics)
  • Smitha (Biology)
  • Jiji (Chemistry)
  • Nisha Renjith (Biology)
  • Lekha.J (Biology)
  • Maths

  • Shafeena
  • Raji B
  • Sajimol
  • Rini Rose
  • Jisha V.Nair
  • Asha J.S
  • English

  • Sanuja Josey
  • Anchu Anna
  • Priya Harish
  • Ramya.L
  • Lovely L.B
  • Lekha R.S
  • Sruthymol M S
  • Malayalam

  • Lisha M.A
  • Honey Raveendran
  • Soumya M S
  • Sheeba Rani
  • Sreedevi Amma
  • Hindi

  • Sanu V
  • Sheeja M.K
  • Prijidev L.S
  • Social Science

  • Sreepriya
  • Remya V.S
  • Veena S.R
  • Computer Science

  • Akhil S.Nair
  • Deepa R
  • KG

  • Helen Stalin
  • Jasmine N
  • Pinky S L
  • Rajeswari Amma
  • Rajasree
  • Felca Charles
  • Deepamol
  • Sheeba T. Das
  • Shobha R
  • Art and Music

  • Suma C S
  • Deepa K.S
  • Physical Education

  • Rajmohan K.R
  • Librarian

  • Deepa Rani
  • Lab Assistant

  • Sonia R

Student Council

Leadership is not just the ability to lead and guide a team but to motivate and inspire the individuals to peak.
The Investiture Ceremony is a solemn occasion where all the young students are prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school. Through the Investiture Ceremony we display the leadership quality of the students in various contexts to strengthen their skills.
By assuming the leadership post, the students get the opportunity to display and strengthen themselves.

House system

The students from classes I to XII are divided into four houses named Red House, Blue House, Green House and Yellow House. Each house is led by a House Captain and a Vice Captain along with two teachers as House Wardens. Each house has a unique dress code to meet the decorum of the house events. A healthy house wise competition helps the students to step up their outlook towards their life.